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Got-Rice? Got-Rice?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You guys are the racist fags

This was also a test to see what was more racist; some of the lyrics in the movie or your reviews.
Haha you piece of shit leprachraun (sp?) that was the most racist review i've seen so far. I want to quote something angelspit wrote:
"you should be drug out into the streets and shot to death along with your g00k friends"
Why are you so itimidated by asians? are you scared of us? you can't shoot us, we would kill you before you lay eyes on us. why don't you go shrivel up in a corner and wait until st. patrick's day comes.

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Got Rice? Got Rice?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You guys flame me for bad animation etc, but little do you know that this was my first movie ever. I only recently heard of Newgrounds. My intention was to use only pictures. One reason was becuase I didn't know how to draw in flash, this being one of my first chances. I didn't sing the song. I didn't make this so say oh "asians rule every race/culture." I am one of the few people who hate prejudicy (spelling?). The song says something that might offend people but what about songs from Emimen and other rappers? If this movis is that big of an issue for people who can't take a joke, then please ask Newgrounds to take it down.